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Mixed Notes - Oct. 20

By Rich Heldenfels Published: October 20, 2012

In today's Beacon Journal I have a story about breast cancer awareness, the boom in merchandise -- and how much things have changed in less than 40 years. I includes an interview with Betty Rollin, who was one of the major people in prompting frank, even funny public discussion of breast cancer with her book First, You Cry. You can read the story here. After we did our interview, Rollin sent an email with a follow-up note: "As a woman-- and particularly as a woman with with health issues--the thing I care about most these days is that Obama gets re-elected."

You can see in the tagline to the article that I lost my first wife, Mary Anne Leonard, to breast cancer in 1989. I have had many friends and loved ones who have been affected by cancers of various sorts, so research is a cause very dear to me -- and to my current, second, final wife. Accordingly, I agreed to risk complete embarrassment by participating in Akron Children's Hospital;s "Dancing for the KIds" event on Nov. 9. You can find out more about it here.

And, since we are talking about important issues, here's another item for your contempltation. Yes, it is a political spot. It is also very moving. Jesse Tyler Ferguson of "Modern Family" especially got to me.



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