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Mixed Notes - Oct. 25

By Rich Heldenfels Published: October 25, 2012

Today's mailbag is here.

My strange trip (and some tripping) on the dance floor continues in preparation for "Dancing for the Kids," the fund-raising event for Akron Children's Hospital's pediatric cancer research on Nov. 9. 

The effort involves a competition among the dancers to see who can generate the most money for the cause. You can donate for me directly here, purchase a ticket and earmark the proceeds as a contribution on my behalf here, or contribute on the night of the event. It is all very much appreciated by me, and by the hospital. And there is general information about the event here.

I am more than a little sore today from trying to master the various moves during my second lesson last night. They consist of far more than a fake-your-way-through-it foxtrot. And I keep hearing "DWTS" judges in my head, comparing me to the Woz or Master P. Hey, I AM trying! None of the moves is particularly complicated; I'm just creaky by nature. But it is a challenge not only to learn them but then to remember each move when the next is added. At the same time, I am having fun, and my real-dancer partner is very patient.

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