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Mixed Notes - Sept. 16 (Updated)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: September 16, 2012

My look at Fox series "The Mob Doctor" is here.I am not enthused about the show, but I love to say the title -- and wish a famous TV voice was doing so, too. Today's video column, talking "Indiana Jones," Katy Perry, Steve Martin and more, is  here. My latest addition to the Beacon Journal's civility project looks at public perceptions of news media and is here.

 Besides some chores of one sort or another, this has been a Super Sports Weekend for the House of Heldenfels. Friday night was University of Akron soccer, another frustrating game; the final score was 0-0. Yes, against a highly ranked team, with plenty of dramatic play. But there's something missing with this team -- an absolute determination to win -- that UA has had at its best. Lame-duck coach Caleb Porter certainly seemed involved during play, but he looked tired in his post-game remarks, and how do you prepare and motivate young players who know you won't be around next year, and a new coach may have different ideas about how to win, and with whom? We'll see how it goes today, against another tough opponent. (continues after the jump)

UPDATE: Akron beat South Florida 5-0 tonight; led 1-0 at the half and then overwhelmed SF in the second. A good win for the team, and against another highly ranked opponent. Akron, ranked ninth going into the weekend, drew 0-0 against #10 St. John's and then beat #11 SF, which had a better record than UA going into the game. Am curious what this will do for them in the standings. And now back to my early, perhaps too gloomy post.

Nor is that the only visible turbulence; the AK-Rowdies are lobbying for a candidate to succeed Porter, and that just seems wrong. The Rowdies are supposed to provide support to teams, not take sides in internal matters. This is reminiscent of their deliberate lack of support for the football team under its previous coach, because they did not like that guy; and at Saturday's football game, even with the new coaching unit in place the Rowdies were not a big presence. Someone needs to remind them of their role.

The football game on Saturday was a different matter. Winless Akron played Morgan State, and was expected to win easily,, but after a lot of rocky spots, the team won very, very big. After a 21-6 lead at the half, Akron scored 24 in the third quarter, at the end of whcih we went on to other things. THEN Akron scored another 21. Final: 66-6. For a team that has endured two agonizing 1-11 seasons in a row, getting a big win, and getting it this soon, must be sweet, regardless of the competition. And it was certainly a lot more fun to watch than many previous UA football games.

The attendance at the football game was not great, and I have to wonder if one cause was the overlap with the Cal-Ohio State game, considering the large number of Buckeyes fans around here and the tension of the game itself. We caught some of it on the radio while running errands, then more on TV before going to the UA game, then more radio, and then -- while UA played -- tracking it on my phone. Nor were we the only ones interested; as we walked in the stadium, a ticket-taker and another guy were discussing what was happening with OSU-Cal.


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