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Mixed Notes - Sept. 23

By Rich Heldenfels Published: September 23, 2012

These have been semi-hectic days, and the kind which should tell aspiring journalists that they had better be prepared to do many different things. I have been writing some of my usual entertainment efforts. But I also compiled information for a couple of politics stories, and on my Saturday shift yesterday wrote briefly about a drug bust an animal-adoption event.

Some links: a look ahead at the CBS drama "Elementary," and this week's video column, mainly about "The Avengers," with a list of new releases. The first of those politics stories, a roundup of results from a new state poll. (which is explained here).

I don't expect to have much to say about the Emmys while they are in progress tonight. My enthusiasm for the awards consists mainly of nodding approvingly when something I admire wins, and shrugging when something I do not care for prevails. And being generally unwilling to sit through hours of filler for those results.

I did get home last night in time to follow some of the Akron men's soccer and football online while watching TV. Good win for the soccer team with what appeared to be a fierce if low-scoring offensive effort, and the football team gave Tennessee a real game for three quarters. As for the TV, finally caught up to the latest "Glee," which was an awful and tiresome recycling (and, let's be real, Rachel isn't sexy, even when she's in a Bob Fosse reboot) and a second episode of ABC"s "Last Resort," which premieres this week and is even more my favorite new show on second viewing.


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