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Mixed Notes Sunday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 3, 2013

Recently in the Beacon Journal and on, my chat with Yvette Nicole Brown of "Community." A look ahead to "Monday Mornings," the drab series from David E. Kelley. This week's video column, with "Flight," "Peter Pan" and a good documentary about movie making, is here. In fact, it is a big week for video releases; I meant to include "Cloud Atlas*" and a Paul Williams documentary but forgot (and would have run out of space anyway). Will try to add some thoughts here before Tuesday's release.

I have begun watching Netflix's "House of Cards," the Americanized version of the excellent British TV saga, and after a couple of episodes have found it quite satisfying. Kevin Spacey is superb as a scheming politician, and the series has kept some of the best elements of the British one -- such as Space confiding his thoughts and plans directly to the camera. Much as I enjoy "Scandal" for its sheer craziness, it never feels as if it takes place in the real world; "House of Cards" has much more of the sound and feel of real politics, and deal-making. And the journalism part of the story recalls another fine British production, "State of Play" (later adapted for an American movie). I'm very curious about how well "Cards" will hold up over its total run -- and delighted that Netflix has the entire thing available at once.

If you're a browser over at, you may have noticed that stories about Hannah Hill -- in many cases signfiicantly old stories -- have been showing up in the most-read list. Credit NBC. It did a Hill piece on Dateline on Friday.

Oh, and Super Bowl. Yeah, it's happening. You don't need to know any more at this point.

*The release of "Cloud Atlas" has apparently been postponed.

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