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Mixed Notes Sunday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 10, 2013

Today's DVD/Blu-ray column is topped by another look at "Skyfall," the latest James Bond adventure, which I enjoyed very much. There are also some notes about "The Sessions," Loretta Young and other topics. A longer list of Tuesday releases is here. And, if you missed it, odds and ends (some of which have already been here) filled Saturday's HeldenFiles.

Sunday's print editions also include a review of ABC's silly new "Zero Hour." I will post a link when it is available.

In recent TV news, NBC has yanked "Do No Harm" after two disatrously low-rated telecasts. I did not care much for the series, particularly considering the competiton, as you can see here.

Christina Applegate has opted to leave NBC's comedy "Up All Night" as it was facing yet another retooling in the middle of its second season. Alan Sepinwall offered this recap of all the changes the show has undergone.

I caught up with the "CSI"/"CSI:NY" crossover telecast while clearing out the DVR this weekend, and it taught me a couple of things. One, "CSI:NY" is a really uninteresting show, and the crossover dragged down the mothership; two, Gary Sinise used to be a lot better actor than he is showing on his series. Some terrible scenery-chewing was on display.

Looks as if "Identity Thief," starring the splendid Melissa McCarthy in a less than splendid production, is on its way to a big opening weekend. If that success gives her the clout to make better movies, then so be it.

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