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Mixed Notes Thursday, Including Some "Idol" Notes

By Rich Heldenfels Published: March 7, 2013

Today's mailbag is here. Includes a "Mike & Molly" question, and readers' thoughts about music on DVDs of old TV shows, and foreign actors playing Americans. In both cases, I take issue with the readers.

I have some thoughts about advocacy documentaries, and especially "Greedy Lying Bastards," here. Having now written about it, I hope to get over my urge to say "Greedy Lying Bastards" aloud over and over; haven't had this much fun since my repetitions of "The Mob Doc-tor."

Watched the men on "American Idol" and was reminded how meh most of these contestants are. The standout by far was Curtis Finch Jr., the disaster was Charlie Askew. But where will they stand with the audience, and especially with this super-voting. The bride was quite involved in that process, deciding how many of her 50 votes to allot to which candidate. But I can see people throwing all 50 at one performer, for all sorts of "Idol" reasons, and so dispatching better contestants. We shall see what the results hold.

USA Today recently offered a revealing stat, too, looking at where the contestants stand in terms of Twitter followers and Facebook likes. I checked the Twitter info this morning, and Lazaro is killing it among the men (13,795), although he's still far behind the top woman, Angie, who has 26,155 followers -- and is clearly being positioned to break the WGWG dominance of the show. Next among the men is Burnell, 6,200, followed by Charlie, Paul, Cortez (so we'll see if that's the top five tonight), Devin, Nick, Curtis, Elijah and Vincent (a mere 1,228).

Among the women, after Angie is followed by Kree (8,615), Zoanette (scary!), Janelle, Candice, Aubrey, Amber, Adriana, Breanna and Tenna (1,570). If that holds with the vote, Malcolm and I will have some things to talk about -- particularly the way Zoanette will have gone from amusing to appalling.

Finally, for your amusement, check this out.

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