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Mixed Notes - Thursday (With Updated "Idol" Notes)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 12, 2012

Updated comments on "American Idol" are below.

I wll be out of the loop today for some family business. Over at you can find my review of the movie "Bully" and my review of the new/old Joss Whedon horror film "Cabin in the Woods AND my review of "The Three Stooges." I liked them all, obviously for different reasons. Also, this week's mailbag is here.

Watched "American Idol" last night, with its "songs that should make everyone look good" theme, and came away with the feeling that in a just world -- not that there is such a thing -- Joshua and Jessica would be declared co-winners now and "Idol" could just devote two or three hours a week to them singing. Joshua is showing more and more skill and confidence, and Jessica is putting increasing amounts of emotion into her work -- which I think is at least partly the result of her having sung with the dramatic, let-it-loose Joshua. In any case, they are way up on top of my leaderboard.

UPDATE: So, of course, the bottom three had Joshua and Jessica along with Elise, whom I have no enthusiasm for. Joshua safe, Elise safe, and Jessica the low vote-getter. The judges save her, but still -- is this another case of a big tween-girl voting bloc favoring the two cute white guysand the cute-ish blonde white girl whom they could be besties with? (Skylar has locked up the country-music audience, which is formidable on "Idol.") This makes Jimmy's pitching a Colton-vs-Philip duel even more unseemly, since it could have prompted an Edward-vs-Jacob-style voting frenzy. In any case, as I said on Twitter, the show's voters went insane this week. We now resume the previous post.

Was curious about why Jimmy was setting up a Philip/Colton duel, unless he's assuming that the show will yet again be won by a young white guy, so everyone else might as well go home. On the other hand, the show seems heavily committed to Skylar in terms of production and praise, and I just don't think she's as good as Joshua or Jessica. It may be that the show is conceding that its audience is heavily pro-country now (see last year's finalists) and those viewers have to be served.

If I get to pick who goes home, it's either Elise or Hollie. Elise both bores and irritates me, and Hollie has no idea what anything she is singing is about.


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