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Mixed Notes Tuesday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: March 19, 2013

Henry Bromell, the fine author with a more than enviable track record in television, has died. Alan Sepinwall looks at Bromell's career here.

John Ford Coley, the surviving half of the duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, will open for Rita Coolidge at the Kent Stage's 11th-anniversary concert on Sunday. "England Dan" Seals died in 2009.

Doors open at 7, Coley's at 8, Coolidge at 9. For more information, go here.

I watched the season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" and was most impressed by Jacoby Jones and Zendaya; I would have scored Jones higher than Zendaya but suspect the judges wanted to give her the high score because contestants with the Disney Channel pedigree have tended not to do that well with viewer votes. We will see how that works out next week.

At the low end of things was DL Hughley, someone I have liked on the several occasions we have conversed, and who is a skilled comedian/satirist. But man, was he a bad dancer. Through the rest of the show, I would look at performers and tell the bride, "Well, not as bad as DL."

I like Wynonna Judd and Andy Dick as endearing personalities. Kellie Pickler was a better dancer than I expected. I have no opinion about Dorothy Hamill because her routine was too blah to provide much dancing insight. The rest? Eh. Please don't make me see Vanderpump's freakin' dog anymore.

On another note: I spent a lot of the show finding Brooke Burke-Charvet more personable -- and human -- than she has been before in all the years I have griped about her robotic approach to hosting. I don't know if it will last, but it was a pleasing improvement.

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