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Mixed Notes Wednesday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: September 18, 2013

I spent part of last evening chasing the Stan Piatt/Maggie Fuller story and with help from other reporters and editors managed to come up with this. Many unanswered questions, I know. And I heard things that are not in the story. But there are things you hear and there are things you can report -- information with some kind of firm, on-the-record backing. And, as this situation appears to have people lawyering up, there was not a lot on the record to say. Here's how the folks over at Ohio Media Watch put it:

We can’t confirm the rumblings, which are all over social media. We may never be able to confirm everything, or be able to pass along all the details. But in one day, the WNIR morning drive fun-fest basically fell apart in half, and Stan Piatt’s retirement got pushed up a few months.

We will see if and when someone is willing to talk.

You may have heard that Betty Cope, an icon of local television through her work with WEWS and WVIZ, passed away. Here's a piece I put together about her.

Radio star Jerry G. Bishop. a former Clevelander also known to many for his TV work as Svengoolie, has also passed away. One obit is here.



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