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Monday by the Numbers: "24," "Studio 60"

By admin Published: January 23, 2007

Caught up with "24" yesterday and this morning, and I have to say the absurdity of it is so brazen that I'm almost amused. As near as I could tell, exactly one southern California street was clogged by panic-stricken drivers. Jack's own driving attempts, as well as those of other characters, for the most part were blissfully unimpeded.

Then there was the seeming lack of real alarm about the nuke and the radiation -- oh, it's blowing somewhere else! Sort of like the second-season nuke, which was put aside almost immediately after it happened. Jack moved on, and so did the show.

And I can't overlook Jack's latest Prince Hamlet move, the I-can't-go-on-I-must-go-on attitude (all right, that's more Samuel Beckett) that didn't make CTU think Jack was a little too unsteady to deal with THE BEST CLUE THEY HAD!

Finally, speaking of clues, anyone else think they were blatantly signalling that Jack's brother's kid is actually Jack's?

On "Studio 60," maybe I was just tired but I did laugh at Dolphin Girl. Beyond that, not too thrilled about the episode. The whole Danny-chasing-Jordan thing is getting way too creepy. And when so many plot threads were hanging with 10 minutes to go, I started thinking, "Rats, a two-parter." Not least because nothing was interesting enough to justify a second part.

Then again, I may also be reacting to recent reports of Aaron Sorkin playing Mr. Crankypants during the January TV press tour. Check out my friend Alan Sepinwall's account here.

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