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Monday Monday

By admin Published: November 19, 2007

It wasn't a crazy weekend, just one of those where I was busy when I felt like blogging, and tired when I wasn't busy. Did some shopping, went to the Akron tree festival (which was too cramped into its space), a little work, some family business.

But let's have a cheery note or two. I've been getting the occasional letter asking about "Hold on Tight" in the Honda commercial, so for grins here's Electric Light Orchestra/ELO doing the song:

And, since I have now stuck "Monday Monday" in my brain, here's a little video of the Mamas and the Papas:

I have done some TV watching that does not involve YouTube. Will get to "Friday Night Lights" a little later today, I expect, and describe both my joy when watching Smash's mom and my dismay over the separate paths being taken by Saracen and Julie. Caught up with the last couple of weeks of "Heroes" over the weekend, and will have something to say after tonight's telecast.

Also saw "The Amazing Race," which was fine but does not call for extended comment -- just a brief acknowledgment that once again the show has revealed how there are still Ugly Americans, sneering at the way others have to live.

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