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Monday Morning

By Rich Heldenfels Published: December 17, 2012
This was a weekend filled with work, holiday preparations and, of course, thoughts about Newtown. My wife watched more of it on TV than I did; I was more likely to check what was happening online. Either way, it was often wrenching. I thought of my children -- adults now, but my recollections of them as little ones have not faded. I read the attempts to explain away Newtown in terms that allow ownership of unnecessary guns (Mike Huckabee trying to make it about God in schools, or the loon who -- as I predicted -- wished the people in the school had had guns, too) and of the racist, narrow-minded m/fs who complained that coverage of the president's speech interrupted their football watching. Where are their priorities? Were they not outraged at the spectacle of Josh Brent on the Cowboys sidelines -- since the game was still being televised? But I have posted the president's speech above because it needs to be seen, and listened to, and anyone who watches it unmoved should question whether his or her heart still beats. (At the same time, I question why this particular video had to have a commercial in front of it.) And then I think that the sun is coming up, and the dry cleaner's is open, and I am working -- that, as the old Kander-Ebb song says, the world goes 'round. The question, though, is will we walk that world in the same way that we did last Thursday. And how long will we -- the collective we, the national we -- really feel changed? How long did the feeling last after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Colorado? How long will the recitation of children's names remain with us? And then the world goes 'round.
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