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Monday Morning Mail

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 26, 2005

In Saturday's Beacon Journal I had a story about ''Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'' shooting part of Sunday's telecast -- ''The Rodriguez Family'' -- in Akron. (You can find the story here.) I singled out Yanke Bionics, which was the reason the show came to Akron, and mentioned a couple of local dance instructors who took part, because they had done something I (rightly) suspected would be part of a key moment in the show. But I did not feel the need to mention every company that participated.

So of course today a long e-mail arrived from the sales director from a local company I did not mention, with a laundry list of other companies that had been involved in ''Home Edition,'' and with pictures of the Rodriguez family.

Now, I could rant here about the way some charitable acts are done with publicity in mind, and the doers of good deed feel less fulfilled if they don't get TV time or space in the newspaper. I could also point out that an able publicity-seeker would have contacted me before the show aired instead of after.

But I'm not going to rant because I'm still laughing. Here was this long e-mail, detailing all the good things done for the family -- and it misspelled the family's name throughout.

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