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Monday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: April 7, 2008

Although I lost my "television writer" title a year ago in favor of the bigger umbrella of "popular culture writer," I still write about TV. I recently reupped my membership in the Television Critics Association and keep tabs on the state of the business, my friends and colleagues. So a Broadcasting & Cable article on TV critics caught my eye. Might be of interest to you, too.

Couple of points about it: It is puzzling, as the piece notes, that most people watch television and many newspapers have found detailed coverage to be expendable.

I was taken aback by the comment from the guy at Television Without Pity that "we're not talking about TV from an academic point of view." If by "academic" he meant informed and thoughtful, then fine. But the quote carries a reverse snobbery about TV critics that is just wrong based on the many critics I have known over the years. They -- all right, we -- have tried to write accessibly and cleverly for an audience that expects not only an opinion but a well-written, sometimes funny, occasionally outraged, but always readable piece. And I've had many, many colleagues who did that day in and day out.

I promised some notes on Charlton Heston and you can find them. here A little bit of history on that column: The news of Heston's death came late on Saturday. It was in my Sunday Beacon Journal, so I wrote a bit about him for my Monday HeldenFiles column. But when I turned it in, the editor said that Heston's death came so late that it was not in all of Sunday's papers, so they were going to run more about him on Monday. I agreed to peeling my Heston notes out of HeldenFiles for a sidebar to the main Heston story; the rest of the HeldenFiles ran as a Names In the News.

Under different circumstances, I might have said more about Heston. But what I wrote summed things up: He was a more interesting actor than some of his roles suggested, and decent guy even if you did not agree with his politics.

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