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Monday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: May 19, 2008

Sunday's Beacon Journal had my rumination on the return of Indiana Jones, but it was late going online. You can find most of it here. Because of design issues, as of Monday morning, that piece is missing the first two paragraphs, which go like this:

When "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" lands on movie screens just after midnight on Thursday, it will begin testing moviegoers' fondness for the big-screen icon -- especially whether younger film generations have embraced the whip-totiing adventurer.

I am more than ready for this movie. I saw the first three in theaters, and have them on DVD. I've gone back to the DVDs to prepare for "Crystal Skull." But I'm also 56 years old.

(Later Monday: The missing text has been added.) That's just a run-up to the movie's release, by the way. I have now seen it and will have a review later this week. (UPDATE: Since the trades have already run reviews, I expect to offer some thoughts here later today -- and a formal review on Wednesday.)

The weekend also included my catching up with last week's "House" and "Lost." Since "House" was the first part of a two-episode story finishing tonight, I'll just wait until I've seen the second part before passing judgment.

As for "Lost," well, I'm enjoying it. And it's tough having to wait two weeks for a big finish to the season, since right now it's on an exciting roll. May do a longer post devoted to it later this week.

Oh, and "Saturday Night Live." I like Steve Carell but it was not a good season-ender. And John McCain was funnier on the WWE.

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