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Monday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: April 5, 2010

In case you missed my DVD column, which focuses on "Eyes on the Prize," it is here.

My story about the auditions for extras in "25 Hill," the locally produced movie about the soap box derby, is here.

For some time, it looked as if Steve and Allie had a real shot at winning "The Amazing Race." They weren't dominating, but they were steady, usually well placed in the standings, and avoided the bickering and drama which get you screen time but don't help you win. But they fell completely apart in last night's show, finished last and were eliminated. And, as if that wasn't enough, today starts the regular season for the Indians, where Steve is a coach; how much disappointment can 24 hours hold?

(I know, "Race" was taped some time ago. Still, America now shares his pain.)

On the other hand, I was both happy and impressed by the way the Cowboys rebounded from near-elimination to first place. As Phil noted during the telecast, no team before this has gone from worst to first in a week. The Cowboys remain formidable, and endearing, so it's good to have them still around.

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