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Monday Morning Notepad (Modified)

By admin Published: December 17, 2007

-- So Todd won "Survivor: China" Sunday night. Ugh. Wasn't happy with any of the final three (or even the final four). In fact, aside from the maneuvers involving the immunity idols, and James's way of playing them (and not playing them), it was a pretty blah season. Hoping for better the next time around.

-- -- Brian Windhorst. Remember the name. Brian Windhorst. He works for the Beacon Journal and co-wrote with Terry Pluto the new LeBron book. The Plain Dealer, now Terry's workplace, on Sunday repeatedly referred in headlines to "Pluto's new book." You had to read the fine print to find Windhorst's name. Tacky tactic. The Beacon Journal played much more fairly on the authorship issue.

-- Good times for Cleveland sports fans. The Cavs are struggling at the moment, but there's still LeBron. The Browns are on the verge of a playoff run. The Indians had a decent, if ultimately unsuccessful season; it's pretty funny that a new DVD about the 2007 Red Sox includes games 5, 6 and 7 of the ALCS but not the first four. But a real vindicaion of the good times in NE Ohio sports came with Time magazine's list of the 10 best sports moments. Cleveland had two: LeBron's performance in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals against Detroit, and the Cleveland gnat attack on the Yankees.

-- I have a question about snow-blower etiquette. (And please, no arguing about the drawbacks to snow-blowers. At 56, I am in no mood to shovel.) What's the latest time at night that's appropriate to use one, and what's the earliest time in the morning? Thanks to the blizzard, I was out a couple of times Sunday night, the second time around 10 p.m. But just enough fell that I was at it again this morning. And because of the times that the bride and I go to our offices, I was out around 6:30 a.m.

I could hear another blower going in the distance, so I wasn't the only one ahead of sunrise. But as I was doing a sidewalk toward a neighbor's house, I saw all the lights were still out there, so I stopped a bit short. So, again, how early is too early, how late is too late?

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