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Monday Morning Notes

By admin Published: April 9, 2007

"Sopranos," "Amazing Race," "Friday Night Lights," after the jump ...

I expect to be expanding on this later but, if you haven't already made plans, be sure to see the "Friday Night Lights"
season finale on Wednesday.

I'm optimistically calling it the season finale because that's the way NBC is referring to it, and because I don't want it to go away. The season finale is structured so that it could serve as a series finale if it had to, but there are still so many questions and characters to deal with, it could also go on. And I don't want it go away.

More about that later. For now:

Having seen "The Sopranos" opener, what did you think? I was bothered by the jumpiness of the opening but am still thinking about the latter stages. Not just the fight, either. More about how incredibly cruel Tony can be -- first in thinking that he could say what he did about Janice, while she is sitting across from him, while her loving husband is also there. Then that he could come up with a job for Bobby that would hurt Bobby far more than Tony's fists. Amazing stuff.

As for "Amazing Race," sorry to see Uchenna and Joyce go, even if they already have a million bucks. They are decent people. But any viewer got a sinking feeling when their early-flight gamble didn't work, and it just felt worse and worse as we saw the other players but not even a hint that Uchenna and Joyce had made a connecting flight.

So what have we got left? Eric and Danielle, don't like 'em. The Barbies, don't like 'em. Mirna and Charla, entertained by them but well aware of how annoying they can be. (Target Demo, visiting for Easter, was watching the show without benefit of previous history, and was really getting irked at Mirna and Charla.) Oswald and Danny can seem like the worst players in the world, especially with that newspapers challenge, but I still like them. So I'd be content with them winning, or M&C -- but not at all happy if the other teams came through.

Also over the weekend, watched "Man of the Year," the Robin Williams movie that may inspire a post here later about the mis-marketing of some movies, and finally finished "Happy Feet." I've had a post in draft form about "Night at the Museum" -- especially about why it managed to make $500 million worldwide -- that I hope to wrap up soon, and I may have a few thoughts about "Happy Feet" to add there.

Also, in case I haven't mentioned it in a while, I still get drawn into VH1 Classic. But good heavens, could someone spend a few dollars to remaster the videos? The picture quality is horrible at times, aged and fading.

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