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Monday Night Leftovers: "HIMYM," "Two and a Half Men," "The Bachelor"

By admin Published: April 1, 2008


I should also mention "New Amsterdam," but I'm something like three episodes behind in watching it. But I did catch up with all of the above last night and this morning. Notes after the jump ...

I keep tabs on "The Bachelor: London Calling" because Holly Durst, one of the contenders, is local. And since she got her rose in a one-on-one date, I could have just bagged the rest of the show at that point. Not to mention that the whole red-carpet "premiere" that she and Matt attended was promotional puffery of the worst sort, an obviously contrived bit of make-believe whose primary purpose was to promote the movie (which, conveniently, also had a commercial during "The Bachelor"). And not a very impressive contrivance at that: no crowd outside the theater, with just a few "reporters" along the red carpet. (Yeah, yeah. the show called it a "private premiere." Makes the trappings seem that much phonier.)

But I did eventually watch the rest of the show, which is just Catfight City at this point. And I have to think that Matt is turning into a big old horndog whose interest in love is not nearly as great as his interest in tub time and serial smooching.

I had high hopes for "How I Met Your Mother" last night. The blackboard theft was funny enough, and the Barney-brackets debate pretty good. And who didn't get a laugh out of the "Doogie Howser" homage at the end? But when we got to Barney's Final Four, it dragged, with too many predictable gags (the attempts at being inconspicuous, Barney thinking Robin's friend was the woman sabotaging him). Still waiting for the show to get fully back on game.

"Two and a Half Men," meanwhile, went to one of its most reliable sources of humor: filth. Herb's gardening jokes were fine, the seed payoff even better. Add in Jake's discontent at an R-rated movie (continuing his recent dogging of stuff he has watched with Charlie), the Judith-Herb clinches in every room and Berta's moments, and it's another gem.

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