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By admin Published: November 15, 2010

Was MIA from the blog over the weekend because other interests took up a lot of time. Spent a great deal of Saturday trying to hammer out a first draft of a term paper for my linguistics class. Sunday included some other studies, chores and the MAC soccer championship, won by Akron over Western Michigan 4-0. It was scoreless at the half but you could sense that things were going to change because the WM coach was -- as he had been at a regular-season UA/WM tilt -- whining and obnoxious to the officials (one of whom was blatantly pro-WM to begin with) and even buttonholing Akron coach Caleb Porter. The result: Akron scored early in the second half, rang up three goals in total in about 10 minutes and cruised to a 4-0 win. Next: the NCAAs.

Attendance was surprisingly low for an Akron soccer game but it had some serious competition: the Browns-Jets game on TV. In fact, the game was rolling into overtime as the soccer game began. I followed the game on my phone while watching soccer, and some of the people near me asked for updates. When the charge in my phone started to run low, I borrowed the bride's to keep track. Nonstop excitement, even if it ended with a Browns loss.

In the paper recently: This week's DVD column, mainly about a John Cazale documentary which is worth your attention. And my review of the first episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." That was especially challenging because it's about Palin as much as it's about Alaska, claims to the contrary notwithstanding. And I was faced with a choice: Do I simply write about the show without expressing my opinion of Palin, thereby suggesting neutrality, or do I make clear how I feel about Palin, so people can judge my assessment of the show accordingly? I took the latter course and still think it was the right one. Some readers have disagreed with my assessment but at least my point of view was clear.

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