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Monday Notebook

By admin Published: December 13, 2010

Quite a weekend. Stayed up way too late Friday to watch the Akron-Michigan soccer game, then watched the final, and the Akron win, yesterday afternoon/evening. It was the night of the Christmas-music show at our church, where the bride plays in the bell choir, so early in the second half she had to go to that while I was watching the rest of the game to provide news updates. Also DVR'ed it, so when we got home she could see what had transipired. Incredible, tension-filled final minute, but the win nonetheless. We saw every home game Akron played this year and at times wondered if they were as good as they were supposed to be, but this win proved that yes, they are a terrific team.

As much as we like watching them in person, the telecast -- pro-Louisville commentator notwithstanding -- was even more demonstrative of Akron's abilities: when you could see the whole field from above, their passing artistry and method, their placement of players, were far more visible -- and impressive. Sunday's game also showed how aggressive they can be going after the ball. But I am rambling. Probably to keep thinking about the snow outside. Now I have to focus on getting the T-shirt.

More notes after the jump.

Besides watching soccer, this was a weekend for holiday shopping and decorating. Got a lot done Saturday, online and in stores, and the only real nightmare was the Summit Mall parking lot. And, on Sunday, managed with help to get some outside lights up along the sidewalk. Much trouble with bulbs going bad, and the lights will probably all be buried by later today. But they looked good for a bit.

Nat and Kat won "The Amazing Race" and that's fine. It was past time for an all-woman team to win the thing, and they were good competitors. Am already thinking about the next go-round, the "unfinished business" of all-star teams (and the bride is excited that the Cowboys will be back -- although no one's going to buy that yee-haw act this time; those guys are smart).

Coming this week: A review of "The Black Swan," which is everything I like and don't like about Darren Aronofsky, and some thoughts about the original "Tron" in anticipation of "Tron: Legacy." In case you missed it, my annual Christmas-music collaboration with Malcolm X Abram is here. And this week's DVD/BD column, heavy on sports, is here.

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