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Monday Notebook

By admin Published: January 10, 2011

There's a new "Survivor" cast, pictured mostly above. The show has announced 16 cast members but two others -- returners from previous "Survivors" -- are being held back. You can find cast bios and video clip here and here.

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook how much I liked the Black Keys' performance on "Saturday Night Live." I know, they're tied to here (here being both Akron and the Beacon Journal), but I still love their sound. Was fascinated by their appearance, too, not only the somewhat cleaned-up look but their stage presence. Patrick Carney's focus onstage appeared to be entirely on bandmate Dan Auerbach; my wife noticed that the cameras seemed to keep trying to get a direct shot of Patrick's face, but he was almost always turned sideways. Reminded me of a TV performance some time ago by Lucinda Williams, who also seemed interested only in the music, not in any of the trappings. Still, the Black Keys were the best thing on the show. As hard as Jim Carrey appeared to work as host, the writing was not supporting him; sketches like "The Worst of 'Soul Train' " went on long after they had worn out the joke.

TV One premieres a new comedy, "Love That Girl," at 9 tonight. Tatyana Ali stars as a divorced woman working at her father's real-estate firm in LA. I sat through all 22 minutes (without commercials) of an episode sent for preview. It was probably 5 minutes in that I wondered if I could get through 22. Forced gags, ridiculous behavior. Awful. Save yourself.

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