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Monday Notebook

By admin Published: March 28, 2011

Notes and this and that, besides the things posted earlier today.

Regular readers know I have questioned some of the sell-out talk around Charlie Sheen's tour. And, when I checked over the weekend, you could still get two seats together on the floor, from the Cleveland venue. Now CNBC has also questioned the sell-out claims here.

Around weekend chores I caught some NCAA basketball over the weekend. Now I just wish they could reconfigure the brackets so Butler and VCU were not matched against each other, but with one against UConn and the other against Kentucky. Then we'd get more clashes of the titans -- and we wouldn't get UConn vs. Kentucky, a game where I want both teams, or at least their coaches, to lose.

In case you missed them, here are links to some items I had in the paper over the weekend:

A "Mildred Pierce" review. (And what did you all think?)

A chat with Fraser Heston about his father, Charlton, and movie restoration.

A belated rant about "The King's Speech" being re-edited to PG-13.

A very packed video column with "Black Swan," "Mad Men" Season 4, "Fair Game," "Upstairs Downstairs" and more.

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