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Monday Notebook

By admin Published: June 13, 2011

This and that:

-- Often when LeBron James was in Cleveland, he would get this look and I would think of Burt Reynolds. Reynolds played Billy Clyde Puckett in the screen version of Dan Jenkins' "Semi-Tough," and at a crucial moment Billy Clyde declared "I am choosing to win this (bleep)ing game." LeBron had that thing where you could see that he had chosen to win the game -- and that nothing was going to get in his way.
I did not see that look in the pivotal Boston games a season ago, nor was it much in evidence during the finals against Dallas this year. (No regrets, by the way. If Cuban, Dirk and the gang stop by Cleveland, I'll buy them a drink. Considering the scandal at TOSU and the Indians' slump, I'll take the Mavs beating the Heat as a reason to celebrate.) Much has been written about LBJ checking out during the games, and I have to wonder if winning matters enough to him anymore.

-- Watched the season finale of "Army Wives" -- OK, the bride watched it and I followed along -- and let me assure fans that this was not a series finale. Sure looked like one, but the series has been picked up for another season, there was a mention that the base isn't closing for about six months yet, and careful viewers could have caught a quick teaser for next season.

-- Did some home movie-viewing this weekend, of "Just Go With It" and "Unstoppable." "Just Go," the Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston movie, was excruciatingly bad. So bad, we gave up 55 minutes in -- and had struggled to last that long. Egad. I saw "Unstoppable" in a theater before it premiered and had mixed feelings about it -- good action, iffy plot. My plot reservations remain but it looked terrific on Blu-ray. Better than it had in the theater. I've mentioned this sort of contrast before and it says yet again that some theaters are really falling behind in picture quality. Not talking about 3D (where I have concerns, too) or other premium-priced offerings but just plain movies in just plain theaters. Considering what movie tickets cost, consumers are entitled to an image as good as the one they can get at home.


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