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Monday Notebook: "Survivor" Finale

By admin Published: December 20, 2010

Well, this kind of blah season of "Survivor: Nicaragua" has ended, and considering who went before the jury, I can't complain about the outcome. . . .

Of Sash, Chase and Fabio, Fabio was the most likable, and the most accomplished with his back to the wall. (Sash, who had bragged about saving his energy for the final challenges, couldn't stop Fabio even in the coin-stacking duel.) Very much a Colby kind of run. I really enjoyed his third straight immunity win, and his glee while sitting back and letting the Sash/Holly/Chase alliance turn on each other. Good for him.

I did not, do not, understand the fan love for Jane -- or the way other players feared competing with her for jury votes. Thought she was a mean, unpleasant woman, and self-righteous to boot. If I were from North Carolina, I would hardly want her to be representing my state to the nation at large.

And even though Jane had her moments, and Fabio managed to win, and NaOnka was scarily watchable before she QUIT, this wasn't that great a "Survivor" season. I don't know how much I will remember of it in a couple of months. Even the characters may not stand up. For comparison, here's the list of new inductees in's "Survivor' Hall of Fame:

Parvati Shallow
“Boston” Rob Mariano
Russell Hantz
Richard Hatch
Sandra Diaz-Twine

Anyone in this current crew you'd rank with those folks?

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