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Monday on the Road (Part Two)

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 12, 2005

The exciting afternoon turned into a quiet night. The only event was a PBS reception and I passed on it. I wrote the Gretchen Wayne story, then spent a lot of time rewriting and trimming. As is so often the case with an interview, especially an on-location one, I had an abundance of material -- but was well aware that I did not have unlimited space for it.

After that, I fell asleep watching TV and woke up early today -- although my body thinks it's much later than Hollywood thinks it is. The change in time zones always takes some adjusting.

When I came out here, by the way, I brought a couple of books for airplane reading: ''Charmed and Dangerous,'' an amusing novel by my colleague and friend Candace Havens (which hits stores in September), and Thomas Berger's ''Sneaky People.'' I'll keep reading them now that I am here -- since the airplane flight also included napping and watching ''Miss Congeniality 2'' on one of those tiny Continental screens -- but I knew that reading matter would be around once I arrived.

Sure enough, when PBS had its press tour schedule delivered, it was accompanied by a copy of Real Simple magazine, Michael Wood's book ''In Search of Myths & Heroes,'' P.D. James's ''The Murder Room'' and a book about Einstein's most famous formula, by David Bodanis. Each is connected to a  PBS show.

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