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More "Big Lebowski"

By admin Published: September 10, 2008

The real-life Dude checks in! See after the jump. And I know, you guys are thinking, hey, this movie has been around for 10 years, and I saw it a week ago and can't shut up about it. I plead guilty with an explanation. And, in my defense, even though the reference to the Port Huron Statement in last Sunday's "Mad Men" made me laugh, I didn't draw the parallel to "Lebowski" -- even if one of my buddies did.

As for the explanation, "Lebowski" does seem to generate conversation. A reader mentioned the local connection. (For those of you tuning in late, The Dude's Medina Sod bowling shirt comes from a company in Northeast Ohio.) And an Internet search got me to the band Medina Sod.

And that led to the e-mail today from Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for Jeff Lebowski -- right down to the White Russians, apparently.

In addition to some nice words, Jeff sent along a link to this video:

And even if there wasn't a Lebowski connection, I'd link it because it has the legendary Bill Lee.

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