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More Movie Magic in NE Ohio

By admin Published: April 22, 2011

The official word: The Ohio Film Office, in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, has secured another major motion picture to be filmed in northeast Ohio. The Ohio Department of Development, which houses the Ohio Film Office, has approved a $4.7 million Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit for an untitled Paramount Pictures movie set to shoot in the region this summer. Nearly 15 projects have been assisted the tax credit program since Fiscal Year 2010.

"This is the third major motion picture to be filmed in Ohio since the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit began last year. We have seen Unstoppable hit theaters, secured The Avengers to shoot in Cleveland, and now Paramount has committed to shooting in Ohio. These are all important indicators the tax credit is doing what it is designed to do: grow Ohio's film industry," said James A. Leftwich, Director of the Ohio Department of Development.

Paramount Pictures Corporation will receive an Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit with an estimated credit value of $4.7 million to shoot a movie in the City of Cleveland and other areas of Ohio this summer. In her feature film debut, Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice has been cast as the lead role, and the film is directed by Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. The plot of the currently untitled movie centers on a sarcastic teenage girl who is forced to take her little brother trick-or-treating on Halloween, then loses him and must find him before their mother finds out. Filming should begin in late spring and it is scheduled to be released in October 2012.

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The film is expected to employ about 545 Ohioans as part of the production crew and extras, and is the second production to commit to shooting in the Cleveland area this summer. The superhero film, The Avengers, will also begin shooting in the summer, starring Robert Downey Jr.

"We are delighted that production studios are taking advantage of this Motion Picture Tax Credit to discover the amazing talent, locations, and crew base that our state has to offer," said Amir Eylon, Director of the Ohio Tourism Division, which includes the Ohio Film Office.

"We could not have achieved this without the quick actions of our public partners at the Ohio Department of Development, the State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, and the City of Cleveland," said Ivan Schwarz, Executive Director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. "Projects are coming to Cleveland because of the city's incredible resources, locations, and people."

In order to be eligible for the tax credit, the production companies must show reviewable progress to the Ohio Film Office within 90 days of receiving the notification letter. In addition, they will only receive the tax credit upon the completion of production. A total of $2.8 million in tax credits are still available in Fiscal Year 2011 for interested production companies.

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The Ohio Film Office administers the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, which helps advance the motion picture industry in the State of Ohio, creating job opportunities and revenue. The Ohio Film Office aggressively recruits outside production activity to Ohio and helps retain and grow existing Ohio production companies and related businesses with the assistance and collaboration of industry partners. The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, totaling $30 million for Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011, is calculated in two components: Ohio resident cast and crew wages will be credited at 35 percent. All other eligible production expenditures will be credited at 25 percent.

Working with our partners across business, state and local governments, academia, and the nonprofit sector, the Ohio Department of Development works to attract, create, grow, and retain businesses through competitive incentives and targeted investments. Engaged every day in marketing, innovating, investing, and collaborating, the Ohio Department of Development works at the speed of business to accelerate and support the teamwork that is necessary for success by providing financial, informational, and technical assistance to those making an investment in Ohio's future.

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