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More Post-Inaugural Coverage

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

Here's the way things go right now: On CBS, Bob Schieffer was quite passionately explaining how much race in America has changed in his lifetime -- especially for someone like him, who grew up in segregated America. Then I switch over to NBC, where they're discussing the designer who came up with Mrs. Obama's dress. CNN keeps promising an "exclusive satellite view of inaugural crowds" (at least it's not a hologram), while one of its reporters has trouble getting out the words "I have a dream" when talking about Martin Luther King Jr. A rather young-looking reporter, I should add.

Late last week, Channel 8 indicated it would go to regular programming this afternoon; it's even still listed that way in my onscreen menu. But now it is carrying coverage instead. Doesn't appear to be Fox coverage, but it's something.

As things drag along, I've been catching more bits of the "West Wing" marathon.

ABC reports that the Obama daughters have requested two movies: "High School Musical 3" and "Bolt." Both movies from ABC's corporate sibling Disney, as Charlie Gibson acknowledges. (And it was a top Disney executive who told him about the movies.)

At NBC, Luke Russert reports on a man who has brought a banner with father Tim's "what a country" on it and gotten people to sign it.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham tells NBC that Obama gave a "reality-based speech." Later notes that the Republicans took a beating in the election, that "the Republican Party needs to reach out in a serious way to our Democratic colleagues. We will gain nothing by saying no just blindly."

Asked if he was moved, he says, "I was moved by 2 million people who were happy as a clam."

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