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More ''Rescue Me'': Now That You've Seen It...

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 16, 2006

(and if you haven't, then stop here.)

I don't pretend to be the seer of all plotlines, but when I saw Johnny Gavin on the stakeout, I turned to the bride and said, ''I think he's going to be shot.'' The whole dead-of-night, on-the-job quality of the scene just made it feel as if the bullets were going to fly -- especially when you factored in that name-the-baby scene as a set-up. My buddy Alan Sepinwall also argues that we've never seen Johnny out on the job like that before.

Anyway, Johnny looked pretty dead. And given Sheila's recent, unusual sweetness, I'm pretty sure that she's pregnant and that Tommy is facing a the-lady-or ... well, the-other-lady situation, with both Janet and Sheila expecting, and he'll have to choose by season's end. My guess is that Sheila should have just put down a deposit on the house instead of paying the full price -- and that she is not going to take the situation well.

As for the chief, I'm hoping that he's just mostly dead (as ''The Princess Bride'' says). I like him. Still, when it comes to sex, he is one of the unluckiest people in the world. The romance with the neighbor costs him the brother-in-law's check, and this fling may have cost him a lot more.

And that's a lot of despair for an episode that had so many good things in it. I've already mentioned Charles Durning's work. And I loved the Sean/Maggie meeting with the priest (and her hilarious attempt at a peace offering). But even better was Franco with his girlfriend's brother. Not only had it been set up so well by letting the probie be the insightful one, the scene itself was a wonderful dance between two characters, and two actors.

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