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By RD Heldenfels Published: July 16, 2006

For those of you commenting on the previous item, I haven't seen a list of premiere dates for CBS yet, Fred. And Kay, Couric is trying to tone down the perky and be at least a tad more somber.As I noted in the column I just finished for the Beacon Journal, she wore a pants suit for the press conference, and you know how leggy she could be on ''Today.'' I hope to get the Patrick piece done soon, not sure about Skeet.

Right now I am at the desk in my room, having just eaten some salad, fries (with lemon rind) and tuna burger courtesy of Rachael Ray. She was here to tout her new syndicated daytime show coming in the fall, and she is a pistol. (The tuna burger was pretty good, too.) After Couric, I came back here to write the column, then went back for Ray's press conference, grabbed a bite from the buffet afterward and took it with me to nibble while I finished writing about Couric.

Speaking of which, a reader asked me some time ago whether Ray is putting out her wedding video. Here's the answer: ''I shot a bunch of stuff just with a hand camera for Oprah, and they did use some of it on 'ET,' but that's all. It was just little hand-held stuff. It may show up on a show again.''  It sounded as if she might use some of it on her new show. But asked specifically if she might do a wedding special of some kind, she said, ''No, no, no.''

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