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More Thursday: "Grey's Anatomy," "The Office"

By admin Published: May 9, 2008


A lot of stuff on Thursday. Pre-posted on "30 Rock," below, and got to "Survivor," also below. Not sure when I will get to "Lost" or "CSI" or "Earl." Did manage to see these two. One stumbled, one was steady. And the loser is ...

"The Office." Bad episode. The show always has to walk a line between its characters' incompetence and overly farcical incompetence, and this time there was too much of the latter; Andy's behavior on the golf course was the worst example, but some of the Michael stuff at the job fair was close. In both cases, I would have expected someone else to take a hand -- Jim finding a way to get Andy out of the way, for instance -- but instead both plot lines dragged. And having Jim at the end finally make the sale was just weird; nothing we had seen up to that point suggested that a deal could be made, let alone by stopping a guy as he was leaving the parking lot.

It was almost as if the writers felt as lost as the characters ended up seeming. Pam thinking about another career (and where exactly was this job fair she went to? or were we supposed to think she had done that during the job fair that Michael et al. were attending?). Jim deciding that he should care about his job, a feeling that obviously made him uncomfortable. Dwight and Angela having nothing to say to each other. Kind of a mess.

On the other hand, during "Grey's Anatomy," I kept looking at the bride and saying that this felt like "Grey's" back when I really liked the show. Good balance of humor and drama. Nice character bits. Cristina's monologue about Burke, very touching. McSteamy's crisis, and the way that Eric Dane played genuine hurt as it dragged out. The Chief and his wife (always nice to see Loretta Devine). Bailey's irritation-to-rage. Callie's way of handling her self-doubt. OK, so the Chief would have been smart enough to know that he couldn't leave anyone out of the survey, including Bailey. And there were a lot of speeches, and they sometimes overused that "Grey's" tic of starting and ending with the same basic line. But I was still much happier with the episode than I've been since the show came back from the strike.

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