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More Trouble for ''Development,'' ''Confidential''

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 10, 2005

After bringing back ''Arrested Development'' for a week, and with ''Kitchen Confidential's'' return planned for next week, Fox has again yanked the two comedies.

Well, I guess it didn't yank ''KC.'' Fox just left it in whatever cobwebby corner of the network library it reserves for funny shows it has no confidence in.

''Prison Break'' is Fox's Monday flavor for the rest of sweeps, with back-to-back episodes running through November, and ''AD'' and ''KC'' now slated to return on Dec. 5.

This is an especially big drag for ''Kitchen Confidential.'' ''Arrested Development'' has had several seasons of chances to find an audience, while ''KC'' is struggling to get some traction in its first. Moreover, I have seen the episode that had been planned for its Nov. 14 return, and it was fall-down funny. In fact, a lot of the show is hilarious.

Maybe you'll get to see how hilarious on Dec. 5. But I doubt that it will continue into 2006; Fox will go through its annual January retooling then, with ''American Idol'' and ''24'' returning.

It may not be too soon to start hoping for a ''Kitchen Confidential'' DVD...


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