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More Tuesday: Good "Reaper," Gross "Nip/Tuck"

By admin Published: November 14, 2007


Although it's an up-and-down ride, "Reaper" was definitely up this week ...

One odd thing, though, was that the subplot (Sock and the motor-vehicles woman) was more interesting and better done than the main story, about the killer keeping revenge. And didn't you figure that something was up with Mitch Pileggi's character as soon as you saw his trophy case -- unless, that is, you caught on when he didn't bust Sam as soon as he had the victim's watch.

Still, the Sock story was a good one, expanding our understanding of the characters, giving us a little extra in the soul-drop scenes and reminding us that the whole demons-on-earth thing has a certain grandeur and pathos that goes beyond the Devil sticking Sam with the check. And I prefer that to Sam's romantic saga, even if the boyfriend complication has been removed. (And I did laugh at the slap-fight. Exactly what kind of guys does Andy fall for, anyway?)

As for "Nip/Tuck," I had enjoyed the change in tone of the first couple of L.A. episodes. So, of course, this week, it was back to more of the old "Nip/Tuck." Humiliating behavior in the extreme, starting with the hot tub scene. Gross gross gross. And yes, I get all the meaning about the extremes to which Hollywood people will go for the sake of their image, and the dire consequences of such abuse, and so on. Still, gross gross gross.

In fact, it was a creepy episode generally when you add in Sean's fear-fascination with Olivia's daughter. Or Julia's manipulation of Christian. And the Matt-Kimber drugs-and-sex scene. Yes, the show cuts not only close to the bone but deep into it when it comes to portraying family relationships. But there's a way to do discomfiting art without making us nauseous.

Isn't there?

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