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More Viewing: "Parks and Recreation," "CSI," "Survivor: Samoa"

By admin Published: October 9, 2009

Additional notes from a packed Thursday after the jump. ...

Interesting "CSI" on Thursday because it broke out of the formula by making clear immediately who the killer was. More effectively, the killer was not a criminal mastermind but someone so anonymous that he didn't seem like a suspect to anyone (except, briefly, to Brass). And, to make it all worthwhile, the murder victim was a far more horrible person than his killer, and the killer's company was soulless and brutal. Even the killer's chance at his dream woman was tinged with melancholy, since she turned to him in order to have "a weird night." Impressive blend of elements, and justification for spending an hour with the show.

Not so sure about "Survivor," which I have been watching mostly to see Evil Russell go. But that's not been much of a sport the last couple of weeks since ER lost control of his tribe a week ago, and this week it won immunity and spared us more of his machinations. On top of that, the challenge was neither inventive nor surprising -- although it did avoid having people beat on each other. And, since we've spent so much time with Russell's crew, it felt as if we were just being reintroduced to the other tribe -- aside from Shambo, who's hardly a favorite with me. So not a great episode, and I am wondering how much more I will put up with. Where "CSI" broke formula, "Survivor" seems weighed down by it.

"Parks and Recreation" isn't must viewing for me, and I still look forward more to "The Office" and "Community." But this one had a lot of good bits with Amy Poehler, especially as Leslie descended deeper into drunkenness. On the other hand, the finding-bad-things-about-each-other story was neither funny nor very enlightening about character. That said, I am now going to look for opportunities to drop "whiz palace" into conversation, and am thinking about a new career as Duke Silver.

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