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More Viewing: "Terra Nova," "Hart of Dixie," "Blue Bloods"

By admin Published: September 26, 2011

I reviewed "Terra Nova," which begins tonight, for Sunday's Beacon Journal and you can find the review here:

"Hart of Dixie," much reviled by other reviewers, just perplexed me. Starring "The O.C.'s" Rachel Bilson as a big-city doctor who goes to a small town to boost her career, "Hart" has some obvious antecedents, including "Northern Exposure" and "Royal Pains." But I think the show it most wants to recall is "Everwood," which after a lousy pilot turned into a good series. The pilot for "Hart" is also less than impressive, but not irredeemable, especially as it nears the end. And in spite of my tendency to confuse Bilson with Mila Kunis, Bilson gives an adequate performance here, especially when it comes to the chilly side of her character. That said, the end of the pilot -- with a shocking revelation that isn't, and a suggestion of larger forces at work -- was not a good way to end.
(Is there no small town in the world of The CW which does not have dark secrets? Do the coast-inhabiting executives of the network look at any town and think, "Peyton Place"? Are they old enough to remember "Peyton Place"?)

I may give "Hart" another shot in a week, if only because of the "Everwood" model. But Mondays are already loaded with programs I watch, so it would have to be very good to get me back after next week.

In my previous post I neglected "Blue Bloods," which began its second season on Friday. I watched the show regularly during its first season, less because of the police-department mystery than because I liked the characters and the family interaction within the framework of the police. And I liked Tom Selleck's grumpy police commissioner. Well, in the second season he is still grumpy, and feeling put upon by a new mayor. But the premiere as a whole seemed off, as if there were too many different threads being introduced at once. And one, involving that old stand-by, the undercover infiltration, has me tired of it before it has begun. I will be back but, again, the show needs to do better to keep me.

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