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Morning Briefly

By admin Published: January 16, 2009


I have a few columns to write this AM so I'm going to postpone extended griping and cheering until later. But after the jump is my brief look at Thursday's shows.

"The Office," totally brilliant, and in so many ways. The first Dwight-Andy confrontation was a masterpiece, and the duel in the parking lot close to it, and Angela played it all so well. One of their best.

"CSI," as I said in a previous post, did very well by Grissom's farewell. "Grey's Anatomy" rebounded slightly mainly by having Tyne Daly appear as Derek's mother; not only is she great to watch on her own, but I think the idea of working with her made the other actors pick up their game. But it was still flawed: Dead Denny, of course, and I don't at all understand why a confessed serial killer is being given all these chances to be weepy-touching. Also, if his head is so fragile, how did he bash himself so thoroughly and still make it to the trailer for next week's show? But I'm going on too long. "Private Practice," enh. "30 Rock," good for about half the show but the flu-shot story wobbled, and I'm still not entirely sold on the Jack-and-the-nurse story, but still some good lines (and nice Tracy/Jenna stuff).

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