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Movie candy: What's your choice?

By Rich Heldenfels Published: August 7, 2014

When you go to the movies, what do you buy at the concession or sneak in your pocket (you know who you are)? I'm mostly a Milk Duds guy, although with a fondness for Whoppers, too. I admit, those tend to be in easily rattled boxes -- terribly damaging to  a dramatic movie moment -- but that just means you hold off digging into the box until there's a good gunfight or explosion.

I asked my Facebook friends for their thoughts about movie candy, and here's what some said:

jujy fruitsjujy fruits

Gotta have Twizzlers. Always.

  • Just buttered popcorn
    Sno caps
    Sour Patch Kids!
    Milk Duds or Sugar Babies.
    I'm strictly a popcorn girl
    If it has to be a candy, then Goobers.
    Reese's Pieces!!
    Junior Mints!
    I like this line of questioning. Chewy Spree 4 life.
    Popcorn, even i I am not hungry, and then I proceed to eat it like I have never seen food before. Good N' Plenty. In NY, it used to be spearmint leaves (2nd chose, snow caps), but what movie theater sells those anymore?
    Mike and Ike's. Otherwise it seems like like a disappointing movie.
    I had a friend who would mix M&M'S with popcorn.
    And here's another part of the movie-candy question: Is the movie not the same if you cannot watch it with your favorite snack?
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