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My Rolling Grammy Tweets

By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 12, 2012

I've been tweeting my way through the Grammys. If you're not following me on Twitter, here's how it has gone, in reverse chronological order:

I'll also be replaying "Abbey Road" tomorrow, I think.
Local telecast went black for a few second as Paul was winding up "The End." Lousy move.
Full guitar homage to Paul. And Springsteen always looks so happy to be part of these celeb jams.
McCartney to close the show. "Golden Slumbers" indeed. Up way past my bedtime.

To-do list for tomorrow: Fitting "rubbish relationship" into conversations as much as possible

Adele 21 album of the year. Which would boost sales if everyone on the planet didn't have it already

Adele is splendidly charming but "I know it's not really a pop record"? It's the epitome of a pop record.
Rolling in the Deep is record of the year. Of course. I'll be playing it again soon.

Wow, Nicki's saying to the TV audience, "You think a middle finger was offensive?"

And what's with the taped bit? This isn't "Saturday Night Live."

At first thought Nicki Minaj was performing with William H. Macy

Then again, considering Cornelius's history, maybe the Chris Brown follow was deliberate.

Don Cornelius, yay. But the ensuing dance-music medley needs a "Soul Train" dance line. And maybe one less performer

Effing brilliant.

Jennifer Hudson still a thriller.

For a show that moved along quickly. the inevitable talking-executive segment really brought things to a halt.

Carrie U can sing but Tony Bennett just schooled her.

I'd like the Tony/Carrie duet much better if they did "Legalize It."

Really tired of the Elton/Amaro Pepsi ad

McCartney clapping and singing along, Joe Walsh dancing. Nice to see some genuine appreciation for GC.
Used to watch Glen Campbell's show because there was good music including John Hartford. This tribute seems bland in comparison.
OK, now that Adele has sung, how do we get through the next 75 minutes. Oh, a tribute to an ailing legend.
Adele rules. Generations can share her. Case closed.
Adele begins with the vocal equivalent of "throat surgery, my ass." And I still love this song

Of course, I liked that dbc song.

Lady Antebellum wins a Grammy for a song that's not about making a drunken booty call

I much prefer Katy Perry the busty pop princes to Katy Perry the busty Lady Gaga/Madonna knockoff.

When LL said this actress was in every movie he saw this year, I thought he was a fan of Jessica Chastain. No, Kate Beckinsale

 Rolling in the Deep. Song of the year. Hell yes
I have tried to fight it but Taylor Swift is just too damn likable. Zooey Deschanel, eat your perky heart out.
Well, if the Oscars can honor fugitive Roman Polanski, I guess the Grammys feel OK about Chris Brown winning.
Gil Scott-Heron! Should have brought more!
Gil Scott-Heron tribute. Bring it.
 Joe Walsh, Diana Krall, McCartney -- and a song good enough that I wish Sinatra was still alive (and 40) to cover it...
Why so many food commercials? Is hearing music supposed to make us hungry? (Thought it was what we used to do while hearing music.)
I haven't seen them perform live since about 1970, so they should have had plenty of time to practice.
OK, ready for the Beach Boys tour.
When Maroon 5 started, did anyone hear a voice in his/her head saying, "Now, this is a lady's choice. Lady's choice"?
Ryan Seacrest adds to his New Dick Clark rep by pretending to be old enough to relate to the Beach Boys.
Gisele Bundchen says, "My husband can't play football and present at the Grammys at the same f---ing time."
Love the Willie Nelson/Chipotle ad.
Began wishing the Coldplay/Rihanna duet was done with Jason Aldean's mic. Snoresome.OK, now Rihanna and Coldplay are together. And maybe the guys were on her song. As backup dancers.
Like the Rihanna song generally.But the hair, oh, the hair. .
Rihanna with Coldplay sure sounds more interesting than Rihanna followed by Coldplay.
So Jack Black is not only outside the Grammys, but outside where Foo Fighters are playing
Aldean's mike goes out, apparently an homage to "The Artist." He'll be back later with tributes to the other 7 best-picture nominees.
Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson perform on the "Hugo" set.
What, Kanye not there? Does he only go to awards shows where he isn't invited? (There's a Groucho reference there someplace.)
Fergie calls LL a "rap icon." Which sounds much better than "former sitcom star now in the lamer NCIS."
Chris Brown performs. No further comment..
1The Adele train begins. And well-deserved.
Etta tribute! Alicia w/"Sunday KInd of Love." Damn. W/Bonnie Raitt. Double hot damn.
The prayer in honor of Whitney Houston was a nice, tasteful way to deal with her passing. But why not start with that, then go to Bruce?
Great Bruno Mars at Grammys. But much as he owes James Brown, he's got a lot of Jackie Wilson in him, too.
If "Glee" gang does "I Will Always Love You" after that epic Whitney clip, they are out of their effing minds.


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