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"Nashville Star" Results

By admin Published: June 30, 2008


After the jump, y'all.

I thought for a bit that I had put the hex on Laura and Sophie, Northeast Ohio's reps on the show, since after my mentioning them in Monday's HeldenFiles column, they ended up bottom two. They got deservedly shredded by the judges for a weird "Walking on Sunshine" -- weird in part because of the arrangement that was imposed on them, but also because they didn't know what to do with it. And their second song, "Because of You," was a harmony nightmare.

But it was Alyson Gilbert, above, who went bye-bye. The pageant-queen mannerisms and a good voice didn't get over a lack of charisma and, as Jewel put it, soul. And ePeven if she had survived another week, she wasn't going to last much longer -- especially not with two eliminations planned on next week's show. Laura and Sophie better not get too comfortable.

So who was good? Melissa Lawson remains my fave. Gabe Garcia is a very, very good country singer. Beyond that? I guess maybe Pearl Heart because they sing so well together, but they're not exactly moving me.

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