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"Nashville Star" Results

By admin Published: July 7, 2008

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I understand the importance of being a homer, and that it means I should be cheering on Laura & Sophie on "Nashville Star." But this week they were not as good as one of the performers sent home.

It was a double elimination night, with Tommy Stanley getting the boot first and Pearl Heart bidding goodbye at the end of the show. I wasn't a fan of Stanley. The Pearl Heart elimination , though, is very irritating, and it was clear the judges weren't thrilled about it; Jewel said the Pearl Heart sister act was better than BFFs Laura & Sophie, and the tattooed producer judge offered to start recording Pearl Heart.

L&S, meanwhile, were pretty horrible on "Walking After Midnight," their harmonies shrill. But I don't want to make this just about them. I would have kept Pearl Heart longer than the still-in-it L&S, Coffey, Shawn Mayer or Ashlee Hewitt -- Coffee and Mayer are just dull, and Hewitt finds her way to awfulness in just about any song she does.

The class of the field remains Melissa Lawson and Gabe Garcia. But PH was a respectable third, viewers' votes notwithstanding.

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