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New Morning, New Name

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 20, 2006

Some of you may have noticed last night that the name on this blog as changed to ''The HeldenFiles Online.'' Although I wrote about things other than TV under the old ''Beacon TV'' name, the change aims to make clearer that the blog will range wide on cultural issues. (''Kuo Time,'' below, is one example.) It's also meant to make this a companion to the print version of ''The HeldenFiles,'' a column about people in the news that will start in the Beacon Journal on Sunday.

I have some movie material in today's Beacon Journal, including a review of ''Flags of Our Fathers,'' a column about ''Shortbus'' and changing limits on content and a review of ''Shortbus.''  It's been a long time since I reviewed movies regularly, and I admit to feeling a little rusty doing it. But I hope to get those writing muscles in shape.

Last night and this morning, I watched ''The Office'' and ''My Name Is Earl.'' I remain in awe of the ''The Office,'' and keep thinking about all the gems. Stanley and the pretzel (and Stanley bonding with Michael), Dwight's attempt to mentor Ryan, Michael's sugar high and that heartbreaking Jim/Pam phone chat. And Moe in his fear sweatshirt. And the coffin. The squeaky-chair fight. (I think there have been chair fights in every place I've worked.)

''Earl'' was good, though not as good as ''The Office.'' We could see the old singer/old mom hookup from a long way off. But it still had its own nice moments -- like Joy's community service and Randy with the zippers.

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