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New "Questor Tapes"?

By admin Published: January 21, 2010

From the overnight email:

CEO of Roddenberry Productions Rod Roddenberry announced today that Roddenberry Productions has entered into a deal with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Television to develop the Gene Roddenberry pilot “The Questor Tapes.”

The announcement continues after the jump. The pilot for "The Questor Tapes" aired in 1974 and starred Robert Foxworth, Mike Farrell, John Vernon, Lew Ayres, James Shigeta and "Star Trek" mainstays Majel Barrett (Mrs. Roddenberry, and Rod's mother) and Walter Koenig, among others. One reference says it's about "a sophisticated android looking for his true identity, hoping to locate his missing creator."

The announcement continues:

The announcement was made at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Rod Roddenberry accepted the posthumous honor, presented by Seth MacFarlane, on his father’s behalf.

“The Questor Tapes” was originally conceived as a television series pilot about an android with incomplete memory tapes who searches for his creator and his purpose. The pilot ultimately aired as a 1974 television movie.

“My father always felt that Questor was the one that got away,” said Rod Roddenberry. “He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than Star Trek.”

Rod Roddenberry will develop the project along with Roddenberry Productions COO Trevor Roth and Imagine Television’s President David Nevins and EVP of Development Robin Gurney. The team is currently in negotiations with writer, producer and show runner Tim Minear (Lois & Clark, The X-Files, Angel, Dollhouse) to produce.

More information regarding Questor, including a photo of Gene and Majel Roddenberry on the original set as well as an excerpt from Gene’s initial description of the Questor character, can be found at For upcoming news, follow Roddenberry Productions on Twitter at and friend “Roddenberry Prod” on Facebook.

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