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New Season: "Back to You," " 'Til Death"

By admin Published: September 19, 2007

"Back" premieres tonight, " 'Til Death" starts its second season tonight. ...

Cast of

I keep thinking I should write something more detailed than what I had in today's HeldenFiles about "Back to You," basically that the second episode is funnier than the first. (You have to scroll down a bit to get to that stuff.) But that pretty much covers it. The first episode suffers from the need to introduce characters and establish the situation, while the second settles into getting laughs -- notably with a sequence of farcical bits involving Kelsey Grammer, which merrily recall the escalating-complication episodes of "Frasier." Grammer and Patricia Heaton work very well together, and there's always the brilliant Fred Willard to liven things up.

I didn't say much in the paper about " 'Til Death," mainly for reasons of space, but also because it was a returning show that isn't much different than it was when it left. It has the same basic problem it has had from the beginning; it's a show about two couples where only one is consistently funny. (That would be Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher.)

While the show is considerably better than it was at the beginning of the first season, it's still not a great comedy. And it pretty much stops dead when the other couple takes center stage. So be it.

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