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New Season: "Bones"

By admin Published: September 25, 2007

Returns tonight.

This is going to sound strange but I watched tonight's season premiere of "Bones" awhile back, and I was quite adequately entertained, and I was glad to see the characters again -- but I'm not sure I remember much of what actually happened. One thing for sure, involving a regular character, but not a lot more.
Boreanaz, Deschanel

But that doesn't bother me. "Bones" for me is what, say "Law & Order" is to a lot of other people, a show that lets me disconnect from the world for a bit, and have a pleasant time, and then go on with my life. I know, some shows that do that more than qualify as junk-food TV, making you feel a bit bad or stupid for spending that time with them. I think of "Bones" more as comfort food. It's not the greatest thing to dine on, but it isn't bad for you either.

As I said, I like the characters, and am constantly amused by Emily Deschanel's Temperance Brennan. She has become a thing very much apart from the Temperance of Kathy Reich's books, but she's engaging on her own terms. And the relationship between her and Seeley is a sweet one, with David Boreanaz more than a match for Deschanel. And the supporting cast is not only able, the characters can carry storylines of their own.

Good show, in other words, and more than good enough tonight.

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