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New Season: "Heroes"

By admin Published: September 24, 2007

Returned tonight. Notes from the telecast after the jump, so wait until you have watched ...

(No big hint here. I just like Ando.)

A lot of stuff in tonight's episode, a lot of jumping among characters (and back in time, thanks to Hiro's trip to the 17th century), a lot of threats (the Company is still out there, and Sylar was in the promo for coming episodes), a few new characters, a good bit of mystery and at least one of those "Heroes" scenes where you think, "I must come back next week."

There were times early on when I thought how annoying it is that I'm going to have to wait all the way until June to see this all play out, only to realize later that was a mixed emotion -- I wanted resolution, but that also means I wasn't feeling all that patient with the pace of the storytelling in the first. Yes, it moved fast, but in a jumpy way; "Heroes" has so many characters to cover, and it didn't even get to everyone this week, and yet it felt frantic.

Good stuff: Hiro's illusion-shattering view of the past. The evolution riff in Claire's science class. Suresh's talk about a heroes-killing virus that -- when the splendid Stephen Tobolowsky mentions it possibly spreading to gen pop -- raises the specter of AIDS, and the heroes as gay metaphor; in fact, that was especially strong in the second-season premiere because of Claire and family having to be in the closet. Peter's whereabouts, especially after Nathan in the mirror, which suggested that Nathan was in fact Peter shape-shifted. Hiro's dad. Molly. Suresh Is The Mole!

Not so great: Parkman's hostage situation looked like a training exercise from the moment he began shooting. The attempts at Irish accents; very Lucky Charms. The limited lingering over individual characters. I know this is a season premiere, and plots must be set in motion, but the loyally returning viewers probably wanted to know more about what everyone has been up to. I sure do. Claire's new hero friend; we knew something more was up with him than just teen alienation, so the reveal wasn't all that exciting.

Points for further consideration: New hero Maya. Too soon to tell what she's up to, although I'm guessing the doctor she's trying to reach is Suresh.

Question: If Hiro has screwed up the past by delaying Kensei, how immediately should we see an effect in the present day? Especially if he has made a huge change in the history of Japan?

Another question: Is there any show that loves subtitles as much as "Heroes"?

And your thoughts?

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