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New Season: "Samantha Who?"

By admin Published: October 15, 2007

Christina, Why? Premieres tonight on ABC.

Calvin Trillin once proposed that a good campaign slogan would be "Never Been Indicted." In that spirit, I suggest that the slogan for "Samantha Who?" should be "Not Nearly As Horrible As 'Cavemen.' " ...

I have watched "Cavemen" twice. I have also watched two episodes of "Samantha Who?" I am so done with both shows.

Again, "Samantha Who?" has some things to recommend it, notably the presence of Jean Smart, an actress so good and funny that she can elevate the quality of just about anything she is in. (I suppose that "Cavemen" is ever so slightly redeemed by the presence of Julie White, but the comedic sins being committed on that show are so considerable, she cannot be even slightly redemptive.) But Smart, like the game but overdoing-it star Christina Applegate, has next to nothing to work with here. Even more to the point is the presence of Melissa McCarthy, funny and delightful in the better-written "Gilmore Girls," trite and annoying here. It's not just about acting, folks.

In those two episodes I kept thinking, well, there has to be a funny part somewhere. It has to be going someplace. But there wasn't, and it didn't, and it's best that we all move on.

Just not to "Cavemen."

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