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New Tricks

By admin Published: April 4, 2009

I have been eager with some technological things, slower with others. A big reason is that I become addicted/fascinated with each new toy, and that reduces the time I have for the old toys -- and for non-toy activities. But I keep playing nonetheless. So here's the thing: I am now on Twitter. I haven't done much with it yet but have added phone capability, so there may be times when it amuses. Twitter is also linked to my Facebook page, so if you're an FB friend, you'll see my Twitter remarks there -- and that seems to happen pretty rapidly. Posts from this blog also show up on FB, although sometimes very slowly. I am still trying to figure out what else to do and where to do it.

In any case, here's some musical amusement that I have had in my head (and which I also posted on FB):

I don't know of many lines more delightful than ZZ Hill saying, "Do you mind if I get comfortable ..."

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