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By admin Published: April 19, 2007

A curious comment from David Broder, after the jump ...

This from a new Broder column:

I had never heard Imus's broadcast, because I am a longtime fan of NPR's "Morning Edition," which is on at the same time. I was stunned to learn how many of the journalists I admire had been regular guests on the program. Many are now having a hard time explaining their association.

Aside from the way that "stunned" echoes like Louis's "I'm shocked" in "Casablanca," I find Broder's comment curious because part of his job should have included listening to Imus.

After all, Broder, according to one bio, is ''a national political correspondent reporting the political scene for The Washington Post.'' Politicians --
as well as some of the people covering them -- used Imus's show as a pulpit.

Broder has a long-standing reputation as one of the great reporters on politics. So maybe he was reading wire reports or transcripts of the interviews on Imus. Still, there's a strong whiff of elitism in his saying that he was too busy listening to NPR to check out a commercial talk-radio show.

We're not even arguing about generational bias here -- the way David Brinkley said he did not watch MTV, even when Bill Clinton was using it as a political platform -- since Imus was hardly a kid. Broder just sounds snobbish.

And considering his job, he should have checked on Imus once in a while. Sounds as if he would have found something to write about.

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